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Calling all Chinese food lovers in Islamabad & Karachi

ISLAMABAD: Adding to a long list of Chinese restaurants in the capital city, Xinhua Capital entered the market on February 15.

So what is it that Xinhua has to offer that other places don’t? Well, for starters it is in the heart of F-10, right off the F-10 Markaz, which is considered shopping central for many in the city. In an isolated location, the restaurant offers fine dinning with exclusivity. Of course, Chinese food is nothing new to Islamabad, starting with Dynasty at the Marriott that only caters to a certain class. Soon after the city saw places like Hang-Cheng in F-7 and then China Town in F-8 also gained popularity. Read the rest of this entry


Chicken Recipe


Couch potatoes have lower sperm counts

PARIS: Men who watch television for 20 hours per week have almost half the sperm count of those who watch very little television or none at all, according to a study published on Tuesday.

US researchers recruited 189 young men aged between 18 to 22, questioned them about their exercise, diet and TV habits and asked them to provide a sperm sample. Read the rest of this entry